Unchained Labs is committed to provide products that will make a real difference in the research that scientists do every day. They offer solutions for biologics such as screening for stability and aggregation, measuring concentration, buffer exchange and clean up. These capabilities have been further applied to cell and gene therapy workflow by including solutions for viruses and nanoparticles with DNA or RNA.

Uncle is their All-In-One Biologics Stability Platform. UNcle can make multiple measurements from the same sample, combining fluorescence, SLS and DLS reads in one machine. This allows researchers to quickly and efficiently characterize all the size, aggregation, thermal ramp, isothermal and viscosity information in as many as 48 protein constructs and formation simultaneously.


  • Leprechaun
  • Nunchuck
  • Stunner
  • Uncle
  • Honeybun
  • Lunatic
  • Unagi
  • Big Tuna
  • Junior
  • Big Kahuna
  • Hound
  • Bouncer


  • UV/Vis Spectroscopy
  • Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF)
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Static Light Scattering (SLS)
  • Microfluidic Mixing
  • Microfluidic Viscosity Measurements
  • Ultrafiltration & Diafiltration (UF/DF)
  • Microscopy Particle Size Analysis
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Laser Induced Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Interferometry/Reflectometry


  • Biologics
    • Monoclonal antibodies & recombinant proteins
  • Gene Therapy
    • AAV
    • Lentrvirus
    • LNPs & other nanoparticles
  • Cell Therapy
    • Lentivirus
  • Vaccines
    • LNPs & other nanoparticles
    • Recombinant proteins
  • Genomics
    • DNA, RNA, oligos & plasmids
  • Automation
    • Biologics & gene therapy
    • Small molecules
    • Polymers & catalysts
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