Total automated solutions for Chromatography and Sample Preparation.

Axel Semrau has been active for more than 35 years in the development, distribution and support for the automation of sample preparation and chromatography, chemical synthesis as well as application optimized workstations. AS develops its own hardware and software in order to be able to provide unique and robust solutions in chromatography providing total solution, application based lab automation sample prep and analysis systems for application such as Mineral oils (MOSH/MOAH), PAHs, Sterols, and Glyphosate in Foods, as well as protein extraction, Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) and more.

Chromatography Workstations and Sample Prep Automation Solutions
  • CHRONECT Workstation FAME: Automated analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in oils and fats





  • CHRONECT Workstation MCPD: Automated analysis of MCPD in glycidyl esters


  • CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate: Automated analysis of Glyphosate in Foodstuff


  • CHRONECT Workstation PAH and imPAHct: Automated analysis of PAH in foodstuff by LC-LC-GC-MS/MS coupling and the imPAHct method


  • CHRONECT LC-GC Workstation MOSH/MOAH: Routine-capable LC-GC system for on-line determination of mineral oil contaminations in food,    feeding stuffs and packaging.


  • CHRONECT Workstation Sterols: Fully automated analysis of sterols for food control analytics


  • CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics: Automated Protein extraction and prep for high throughput proteomics workflow


Automated online SPE-LCMS Solutions:  Spark SPE solutions with UHPLC/MS


Multidimensional Robots:  CHRONECT Bionic and Quantos robots for a range of lab automation solutions including conventional sample prep, powder dosing, etc.


Front-End Chromatography Solutions and Interfaces
  • CHRONECT Multiplexing: to dramatically increase productivity of your LC-MS systems


  • SICRIT Ion Source by Plasmon: a new Ion source coupling GC to any LC-MS.


  • Universal LC-GC Interface for all GCs: The universal interface for professional and routine capable LC-GC coupling applicable for all GC and GCMS systems

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