Fluidigm is a pioneer in microfluidic technology enabling the rapid, efficient, highly parallel, and reproducible analysis of tens-to-hundreds of genetic markers, across hundreds-or-thousands of DNA samples, in hours instead of days or weeks. Fluidigm technology supports genomics-based applications such as single-cell gene expression, high sample throughput SNP genotyping and automated target enrichment for next-generation sequencing. In 2014, Fluidigm expanded into single-cell proteomics with the CyTOF®, a multiparameter single-cell protein analysis TOF MS system using antibodies tagged with transition metal atoms to label specific proteins on cells.

Breakthrough Microfluidic and Mass Cytometry systems for biological discovery
Access Array

A modular flexible targeted DNA sequencing library prep system

Biomark HD

For fast economical high throughput Real Time or end point PCR


The first automated solution for single-cell genomics


For high throughput, fast economical endpoint PCR


For high throughput targeted NGS library preparation


Control and interrogate individual cells and cell types under many parameters


Single cell proteomics using Mass cytometry – profile and phenotype every cell


Interrogate tissue, tumors, and cell with protein markers while imaging

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