Genapsys Inc. has developed a novel electrical-based DNA sequencing platform capable of accurately detecting single base incorporations. The semiconductor chip-based detection modality allows the system to be compact, scalable, and affordable.  The GenapSys platform has been successfully demonstrated in a range of applications that include targeted sequencing to elucidate both germline and somatic mutations, as well as sequencing a range of small genomes. Update your expectations about how accurate, scalable and affordable DNA sequencing can be.

GenapSys offers proprietary NGS technology with proven chemistry using electrical-based detection of single nucleotide incorporations that is for incredibly accurate, scalable, and affordable.

  • Genapsys NGS Sequencer
  • Genapsys Sequencing Prep System (Automated Clonal Amplification)
  • 1 Million Read Sequencing Chip
  • 16 Million Read Sequencing Chip
  • 144 Million Read Sequencing Chip
  • Sequencing Reagent Kits
  • Clonal Amplification kits
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