Cell Signaling Technology is a private company founded by scientists and dedicated to providing high quality research tools to the biomedical research community. CST develops and produces antibodies, ELISA kits, ChIP kits, proteomic kits, and other related reagents used to study the cell signaling pathways that impact human health. Well known for their mission to produce in-house and rigorously validate every product they make to assure dependable performance – CST are adamant about making the highest quality, most consistent antibodies that work the first time, and every time. All CST antibodies go thru in-house Antibody validation, application testing, optimized target selection and are provided together with a performance guarantee and dilution and optimization protocols.

CST maintains an in-house research program, particularly in the area of cancer research, and has published scientific papers in many peer-reviewed journals. In addition to product development and production, CST is also involved in the development of new technologies for signaling analysis as well as mechanistic cell biology research, particularly in the field of cancer research. CST also curates and maintains PhosphoSitePlus, a web-based bioinformatics resource that details post-translational modifications (PTMs) in human, mouse and rat proteins.

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